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EnerSolis Series

Grid-connected Photovoltaic Inverter

The EnerSolis series grid-connected Photovoltaic Inverter are delivered in a waterproof IP65 enclosure which can be installed in either a grid conneccted solar tracker system or a stationary PV system. By taking care of an accurate power conversion from solar panel to local grid, the EnerSolis series effects conversion process with minimal power loss and maximum reliability.

- Two built-in Independent MPPT Boosters increase overall efficiency

- Convectional cooling system provided to guarantee quiet operation

- Compact size, Light weight

- Up to 96% high conversion efficiency

- Advance DSP Control Technology delivers accurate data

- Ease of INstallation to Save Time and Money

- Mimic LCD Display

- Higher MTBF Components Used

- IP65 Cabinets for both Indoor and Outdoor Applications

- VDE/ETL Certified to Ensure Safe Operation

- Optional Monitoring Software provided to offer opereational status and electricity genereated data.

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