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helping you keep your world constant and intact.

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Ablerex is dedicated to maintaining products of the highest quality at technology’s cutting-edge.

Your need for cost-effective solutions is also foremost in our minds. We want to give you that compelling competitive advantage.

Our R+D focuses on two areas:

Resonant Protection Kit for Power Supply

The kit using novel method can avoid the harmonic resonance phenomenon, especially for power factor correcting capacitor. This is a more economic way to protect power capacitor. The kit built-in microprocessor with FFT algorithm can calculate effectively over-current amplitude, which shall be converted by the voltage crossing the terminal of power capacitor, and no CT shall be required. The easy-to-install design of this technique, regardless with the current/voltage rating, is flexible and suitable to all of protecting power capacitor application.

Power Quality Devices (PQD)

If you’re running an industrial plant or commercial office, you know how power harmonics can damage equipment and raise costs significantly. Our range of Active Power Filters (APF) smoothens out the harmonics in power for greater efficiency and cost-effective operations.

Ablerex Enersine APF contains a US-patented harmonics suppression method that’s one of its kind. It’s capable of detecting unwanted harmonics at source (in a close loop) or load (in an open loop). This makes Ablerex Enersine adaptable to any site condition.

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Our comprehensive range of UPS products offer these innovative features.
1. Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) Inverter
2. Digital Signal Processor (DSP)
3. Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
4. Independently-developed Firmware Control Logics

We’ve also developed 2 proprietary technologies:
1. Software-driven control method for parallel connection power. Conventional parallel UPS systems require additional electronic circuitry. Our unique control method is fully software-driven. No additional hardware is needed when using 2 or more Ablerex UPS in parallel. So you enjoy hassle-free installation and no extra cost when increasing your power availability level.

2. Zero transfer time from Long Standby Mode to Operational Mode.
The new generation of Ablerex UPS products gives you the perfect balance of energy savings and instant power availability. Without delay, this innovative feature activates the operational power protection mode when a potentially disruptive power change happens. So you’re always prepared.